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Our Service Suite

The most reputable financial advisors are fiduciaries—those professionals legally bound to act in your best interest in all financial matters. As a fiduciary financial advisor, Mr. Benischeck also views himself as duty-bound to offer counsel and make recommendations in your best interest and of benefit to you only. Fiduciary status is third only to integrity and trust when selecting an advisor.

Under the fiduciary standard, TTC offers a complete range of financial services from investment management and estate planning to retirement, financial, and legal planning.

Estate Planning

In estate planning, we must determine how all your assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death, and that may involve houses, cars, stocks, art, life insurance, pensions, and debt from your estate. Whichever your objectives, to preserve family wealth, provide for your spouse and children, fund children's or grandchildren’s education, or leave a charitable-directed legacy, we stand beside you.

Financial Planning

If you want sound investing strategies, an objective market perspective, and an ally to help you circumvent market volatility, consider TTC. TTC’s decades of experience and expertise will lead you to decisions  in your best interest, from investments to insurance. Let us help you build a financial plan you can trust so you won’t outlive your money, taxes or inflation won’t erode your assets, and you can still grow and preserve investments for any uncertainties ahead. 

Retirement Planning

In its purest definition, retirement planning is what we do to prepare our clients for one of life’s most vital stages. One thing we’ve all learned, the earlier you begin to save for retirement, the better. We regard our work as a lifelong engagement involving setting aside funds and goal-investing to create a steady income stream for retirement. Your retirement strategy will depend on your final goal, income, and your age.

Legal Planning

Board-certified tax attorneys complete our team, bringing a meticulous level of legal planning to the client experience, along with counseling on tax planning, trusts, wills, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and multiple aspects of business planning. Our attorneys specialize in estate planning, elder law, and long-term care.


Helping You to Higher Ground

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